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Know The Enemy: We Talk With BC Interrupted About Boston College vs. Northern Illinois

Northern Illinois v Boston College Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

1. Just about two years ago we watched our teams play. A lot has changed but a lot has stayed the same for both squads. What's the overall atmosphere like out there and how do BC fans feel about this upcoming season?

Fans are kind of up in the air about this season, with some guarded optimism. BC won their first bowl game since 2007 when they defeated Maryland last year, and Addazio is preaching that the offense will be ticking at a level it hasn't since he got there. However, it is still Steve Addazio, and many have lost faith in him, especially when it comes to offense and game management. Tomorrow's game is going to be huge for the Eagles, and could dictate how BC turns out this season.

2. This season the Eagles, like the Huskies, are still waiting to see who their starting quarterback is. Who do you think gets the nod on Friday, Anthony Brown or Darius Wade? And what can we expect from either of those two?

I am going to say it's going to be the veteran Darius Wade. Anthony Brown has a much higher upside and can certainly make plays in practice, but he is young, and his time will come, I just don't think it will be right away. Darius Wade is a game manager, who won't make a ton of mistakes and should be good in the short and intermediate routes. They both are mobile, and can also pick up a first down with their legs.

3. The Eagles' offense really seemed struggled last year and was ranked 124th out of 128 teams in total yards. Outside of either Brown or Wade, who will the Eagles be relying on this year to move the ball?

Steve Addazio has been crowing about the depth of this team on both sides of the ball this summer. Tight end Tommy Sweeney is about as NFL ready as it comes for a junior, he has great hands, is massive and can truck. BC also has a massive stable of backs who will all touch the ball at some point on Friday including returning junior Jon Hilliman, Davon Jones who rose quickly last year and 4* running back AJ Dillon.

4. Boston College's defense has been stellar for a long time now. And we all know about Harold Landry...that guy is a beast! Besides him, who else should Huskie fans be on the lookout for?

Hopefully, Connor Strachan at outside linebacker will be good to go on Friday, he is a ball magnet who can light up a running back. I also really like Zach Allen who is versatile and can line up either as a defensive end or tackle. He is going to be the biggest beneficiary of Landry's presence. The secondary is going to be pretty solid as well with good speed and size, something BC hasn't had in ages. Isaac Yiadom and captain Kamrin Moore are two backs to watch for.

5. We did this two years ago and now it's time to do it again...who you got in Friday's match up?

I think BC will jump out to an early lead and then sit on the ball and suffocate NIU with their defense. I'm going BC 24-NIU 14.