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MAC-ku: Week 2 Recap

There were some really good games in Week 2 for a lot of the MAC. We revisit them in haiku.

Created by James H. Jimenez | Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Week 2 saw some interesting results for the MAC, and was certainly more positive than Week 1, which saw some decidedly not-fun results.

EMU beat a Power Five opponent for the first time in program history and CMU bested Kansas to gain their first win over the Jayhawks in program history, while many of the MAC’s member teams readily handled FCS squads to get a mark on the left side of the win-loss column.

Not everything was hunky-dory, though: Ohio faded down the stretch against Purdue in a loss, while Bowling Green suffered a humiliating loss to South Dakota, their FCS opponent. NIU and Kent State also struggled to get past their FCS foes before ultimately finding victory.

In case you missed the last week and need to know how to feel, we’ve got summaries of every game in haiku below for your convenience.

Ohio at Purdue

Ohio yielded.

Purdue did not stop the train.

On to Kansas, ‘Cats.

Ball State vs. UAB

Blazers are back.

The Cardinals, they cared not.

Riley Neal: real deal.

Buffalo at Army

Fourteen points up late.

But then, the Black Knights rallied.

All (Bull) hope was lost.

Miami vs. Austin Peay

RedHawks out for blood

Do Governors play football?

Austin Peay-ed the bed.

NIU vs. Eastern Illinois


Looked concerning for a bit.

Dogs over cats... for now.

EMU at Rutgers

Fifty-eight tries, none won.

Then, there was Piscataway.

Finally got one.

WMU at Michigan State

Darius Phillips

Put him on the award lists.

Yes, on all of them.

Kent State vs. Howard

Oh no, oh no, no.

Please don’t look at the box score.

Just don’t. Please, do not.

CMU at Kansas

“Sugar” Shane Morris

Five touchdowns, laser arm strength.

Also, that D tho.

BGSU vs. South Dakota

[refer to Kent State vs. Howard above. For your own sake.]

Akron vs. Arkansas-Pine Bluff

Akron needed points.

They made a fifty-burger.

Side of pickles, fries.

Toledo vs. Nevada

The Rockets are good.

They’re not perfect, but still, good.

Nevada stayed close.