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The Kent State Golden Flashes Take On The Marshall Thundering Herd

Shane Hynes isn’t the only one that is excited

NCAA Football: Kent State at Penn State Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

The Kent State Golden Flashes take on the Marshall Thundering Herd. It’s safe to say I am not the only one that is bitter that Marshall left the MAC while at the same time being happy Marshall is trying to move up in the world. It’s like breaking up with someone you respect and like. Sure, you want them to be happy, but it’s still a break up.

Marshall already knocked off Miami this season in a pretty good game live streamed on Facebook. I really hope they don’t knock off a second MAC team, but up next is Kent State. Certainly the odds say they will. Even still, I am excited for this game, like Kent State kicker Shane Hynes.

I am not going to break down the x’s and o’s of this game, because none of it looks good for Kent. What I will say is that football is a game of heart. Sometimes, when things look bleak, guys reach down their throats and pull out a giant handful of heart, and it’s enough.

Kent State has a lot of scrappy players. Their quarterback is a gamer that moved into the position out of necessity. Their acting head coach was thrust into his position because their actual head coach had to take a leave. Their kicker challenged a morbidly obese Hustle Belt writer to a hot dog eating contest. While it never took place, we can assume he would have suffered a humiliating loss. Things like that build character. Character pulls out wins from the depths of despair.

Prediction, KENT WINS!