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Eastern Michigan starts season on winning note, beats Charlotte 24-7

A home opener win starts the Eagles off right

I was hoping that the game would be high flying affair like earlier in the day for me.
Kenneth Bailey

For the Eastern Michigan Eagles, they have adopted a workman persona for their football program. Friday night saw the offensive embodiment of that as Brogan Roback passed for 267 yards and Ian Eriksen ran for two touchdowns on the way to a season-opening victory over the Charlotte 49ers 24-7.

Sometimes opening games are good for sports writers. Sometimes they can tell what the season is going to look like. Especially when the teams are fairly evenly matched. I’m not sure that was the case with the Eastern Michigan-Charlotte game, but still, there was much to be learned.

If there was one glaring weakness for the Eagles, it was that they couldn’t establish the run game. Sure they got over 100 yards with their trio of running backs but it never seemed like they got a nice sustained run. Maybe that’s a sign of the inexperienced line or maybe it’s a sign of something else.

Eastern Michigan’s aerial game looked solid but it seemed to slow down once it got inside the red zone. Brogan Roback was able to throw for 267 yards but he was picked once and didn’t get any touchdowns. Both of Eastern Michigan’s offensive touchdowns came from the feet of Ian Eriksen.

If I were going to have one complaint about the defense, it was that they couldn’t stop Charlotte quarterback Hasaan Klugh. He was able to gain more yards on the ground than he did in the air. Of course, if last year’s game was any guide, we kind of knew that would be the case.

However, I can’t complain much about a defense that only allowed one touchdown and got three interceptions. They cancelled that touchdown with Brody Hoying’s Pick Six. They seemed to do a pretty decent job of playing Stinger Missile to the 49er aerial attack.

Next week, Eastern Michigan flies over to New Jersey where they will play Rutgers. I still stand by my prediction. Of course, you’re not here for my brilliant writing, so here are some pictures.