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Hustle Belt Fantasy League 4.0: Week 3

More of your favorite fantasy league involving MAC players!

NCAA Football: Northern Illinois at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

It was a wild week for the MAC in the third game of action for many of the teams in play. NIU upset Nebraska, while Akron hosted Iowa State at home. Toledo won in walk-off fashion agaisnt Tulsa and Miami nearly won its first Victory Bell in 12 years but ultimately gave the game away at the final tick of the clock.

There were also significant injuries suffered, as Nick Holley was lost for the year with a torn ACL, making the Kent State roster nearly untouchable for fantasy worth.

The scores weren’t especially close this week, as there were significant talent gaps both within the fantasy rosters and the on-the-field matchups.

Here’s how all your favorite MAC fantasy teams are doing:


BUTTS. claim: Andrew Meyer (WR, Ohio), Bryce Kemp (TE, Ball State) Brendan Cope (WR, Ohio)

BUTTS. drop: Kamathi Holsey (WR, Buffalo), Jordan Fisher (TE, Toledo), Brendan Cope (WR, Ohio)

Five Dollar Phoutavongs claim: Maurice Thomas (RB, Miami)

Five Dollar Phoutavongs drop: Nick Holley (QB/WR, Kent State), Deric Phoutavong (WR, BGSU)

Biggest Blowout of the Week: BUTTS. (Alex Alvarado) vs. Missing Zachy T (Hammy)

Postion BUTTS. Players BUTTS. Points MZT Players MZT Points
QB Logan Woodside 41 Gus Ragland 11
RB Alonzo Smith 0 AJ Ouelette 16
RB Terry Swanson 19 Devon Spalding 3
WR Kamathi Holsey 1 Teo Redding 3
WR Spencer Tears 0 Austin Wolf 0
TE Jordan Fisher 0 Danny Pinter 1
FLEX LeVante Bellamy 12 DJ Brown 1
K Morgan Hagee 3 Christian Hagan 2
DEF Ohio 3 Akron -10
Total: 79 Total: 27

Squeaker of the Week: Corey Davis Based God (Brown and Gold) vs. The Magen Dixon Line (Mike Karpinski)

Postion CDBG Players CDBG Points TMDL Players TMDL Points
QB Riley Neal 20 Tyree Jackson 11
RB Warren Ball 10 Matt Domer 16
RB Caleb Huntley 4 James Gilbert 3
WR Diontae Johnson 26 Tra'Von Chapman 3
WR Scott Miller 3 James Gardner 0
TE Ryan Smith 2 Neal Givan 1
FLEX Mark Chapman 5 Riley Miller 1
K Louie Zervos 10 Jameson Vest 2
DEF Central Michigan -1 Toledo -10
Total: 79 Total: 56

The Other Games:

Brown and Goldman Sacks (Justin Coffin) vs. Clickbait Wizardry (Keith M. Schesselle)

Postion BAGS Players BAGS Points CBW Players CBW Points
QB Thomas Woodson 16 Tony Poljan 0
RB Jamauri Bogan 4 Jarvion Franklin 0
RB Shakif Seymour 0 Papi White 1
WR Christian Blake 7 Justin Hall 14
WR Jon'Vea Johnson 2 Corey Lacanaria 1
TE Tyler Mabry 5 Reggie Gilliam 0
FLEX Malik Dunner 15 Jared Murphy 0
K Josh Grant 11 Michael Armstrong 5
DEF Ball State 22 Buffalo 14
Total: 82 Total: 35

Five Dollar Phoutavongs (James H. Jimenez) vs. Party On, Garth! (Dizzle)

Postion PHOUT Players PHOUT Points POG Players POG Points
QB Shane Morris 17 James Morgan 6
RB Marcus Jones 0 Johnathan Hawkins 12
RB Jonathan Ward 15 Jordan Huff 16
WR Anthony Johnson 12 Darin Guyton 3
WR Cody Thompson 35 Sam Martin 3
TE Logan Hessbrook 1 Shane Wimann 0
FLEX D'Wayne Eskridge 11 Freshon Bickley 2
K --- -3 Jake Suder 1
DEF Miami 7 Western Michigan 13
Total: 95 Total: 56

HBFL Players of the Week

Offense: Logan Woodside, QB, BUTTS. (458 passing yards, six passing touchdowns, one interception)

Defense: Ball State D/ST, BAGS (four sacks, two interceptions, 13 points against)

Bench player: Northern Illinois D/ST, BAGS (three sacks, three interceptions, two defensive touchdowns, 17 points against)

Special teams: Josh Grant, BAGS (3/3 field goals, 1 XPA)


Team Record Total fantasy points Movement
Five Dollar Phoutavongs 3-0 286 ---
Butts. 3-0 224 Up 1
Corey Davis Based God 2-1 296 Up 1
The Mangen Dixon Line 2-1 236 Down 2
Brown and Goldman Sacks 1-2 166 Up 1
Party On, Garth! 1-2 153 Down 1
Missing Zachy T 0-3 170 Down 1
Clickbait Wizardry 0-3 118 ---