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MAC-ku: Week 4 Recap

Lots and lots of colors, weather and geography this week.

Created by James H. Jimenez | Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

For those of you that are new here, welcome to MAC-ku, the 5-7-5 recap of every game played by a MAC squad this week!

It’s jut about what it sounds like. If you’ve missed out on the previous versions, search for them at this handy link!

If you’ve got your own MAC-ku, leave them in the comments or on our Twitter. Put some some relaxing music, burn some incense (my preference is frankincense or sandalwood) and get ready to feel the overwhelming calmness around you.

Kent State at Louisville

Shane Hynes, the kicker,

Needed thirteen more field goals

to tie the dang game.

Miami at CMU

Miami O-H

Looked like Miami F-L

So did the weather.

Toledo at Miami (FL)

A sixteen-to-ten

Halftime lead for the Rockets.

The U, they came back.

Akron at Troy

The Bowden Homecoming

Did not go quite to the plan.

Trojan Horse, indeed.

Ohio at EMU

White and green and grey

Points were at a premium.

A beautiful mess.

FAU at Buffalo

Lane Kiffin’s angst face.

Emmanuel Reed’s running.

Weird game from the start.

BGSU at Middle Tennessee

Doege-to-Scott Miller

Worked really well for BG.

The rest? Not so much.

Ball State at Western Kentucky

Red on red on red

Big Red was GLOMP-in’ happy.

Optimistic chirp.

WMU vs. Wagner

A pretty tune-up

The Broncos look back on course

At least, currently.