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#MAC-ku Week 1: The start of the new season

What better way to celebrate the return of #MACtion than some good ol’ short poems?

Created by James H. Jimenez | Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Football season is back and better than every, as every MAC squad has gone to battle at least once on the gridiron.

Sure, you could read our lovely game recaps or the post-game analysis we post for for you on a near-daily basis, but let’s face it: it’s a shbort attention span world and sometimes, you just need your MAC updates in a nbite-size package. After all, you might not have the time to follow along to every game or put into words the general feeling you have towards your favorite team’s performances.

That’s where MAC-ku comes in!

What better way to recap the week’s activities than using the classical Japanese form of poetry we all learned in elementary school to come together as fans of the MAC and have a few laughs at the week that was? The 5-7-5 form can produce a few punchlines and also a few truths... Maybe even a little bit of both!

Without further ado: the weekend that was... in haiku form.

CMU vs. Rhode Island

Rhode Island, who knew?

Chips got lucky seven times.

A missed kick, six picks.

Toledo vs. Elon

The Phoneix did not rise.

The Rockets, they lifted off.

That was the difference.

Buffalo at Minnesota

Why hello, old friend.

Feel good about bolting yet, sir?

Buffalo (!!!) gave you a scare.

Northern Illinois vs. Boston College (from a fan’s perspective)

Fire Rod Carey.

Fire Rod Carey. Fire

Rod Carey. Fire.

Eastern Michigan vs. Charlotte

Easy shift of work

At The Factory; a win.

Eagles look good, folks.

Kent State at Clemson

Fifty-six to three

Still more points vs. Clemson

than Ohio State.

Akron at Penn State

Happy Valley? No.

Zippy cries in the corner.

There’s no points today.

Ball State at Illinois

So much for last place

The Chirp-Chirps looked impressive

Blocked kick will haunt Cards.

Bowling Green at Michigan State

The Falcons lost bad.

James Morgan needs some more work.

Could have been worse though.

Western Michigan at USC

Fifty-five minutes

The Broncos dominated.

0-and-1 is tough.

Ohio vs. Hampton

Why pass, honestly?

That’s what legs are for.

Look, six rushing scores!

Miami vs. Marshall

A rivalry renewed.

A game of clashing colors.

Miami lost late. Welp.