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Hustle Belt Fantasy League 4.0: Week 1 Recap

It was a fairly rough week for offensive players, to say the least.

NCAA Football: Boston College at Northern Illinois Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the college football season!

It was an exciting slate of games in Week One, as Buffalo and NIU hung close with Power Five opponents, while Toledo and Ohio destroyed FCS competition as a warmup to the rest of their schedule.

It wasn’t all sugar and bubble gum for MAC teams, though. Akron got a fiftyburger placed on them in a shutout loss, Bowling Green struggled against Michigan State and CMU nearly lost to an FCS team in Rhode Island that won four games in the last three seasons.

That made for some interesting numbers in the Hustle Belt Fantasy League.

I know you really want to see the scores, but first, some housekeeping:


Five Dollar Phoutavongs acquire: Jordan Fisher, Jonathan Ward, Manny Morgan, Marcus Jones.

Five Dollar Phoutavongs drop: Romello Ross, Myles Washington, Blake Banham, Manny Morgan, Jordan Fisher, Adam Mitcheson

Party On, Garth! acquires: Frashon Brinkley, Jaret Curtis

Party On, Garth! drops: Kwadarrius Smith, Devin Reese

Butts. acquire: Adam Mitcheson

The Biggest Blowout of the week:

Butts. (Alex Alvarado) vs. Party On, Garth! (Matt Dizzle)

Postion BUTTS. Players BUTTS. Points POG Players POG Points
QB Logan Woodside 12 James Morgan 4
RB Alonzo Smith 5 Johnathan Hawkins 2
RB Terry Swanson 17 Jordan Huff 0
WR Sergio Bailey II 7 Darin Guyton 4
WR Brendan Cope 1 Sam Martin 0
TE Bryce Kemp 0 Shane Wimann 9
FLEX LeVante Bellamy 10 Freshon Bickley 2
K Morgan Hagee 2 Jake Suder 4
DEF Ohio 29 Western Michigan -2
Total: 83 Total: 23

Yes, the team named BUTTS. got the biggest blowout of the day, get your jokes out of the way now.

But that’s really not a surprise considering how stacked BUTTS. are, especially on the offenisve side of the ball, which gained 52 points. Terry Swanson gained 17 points against FCS Hampton to be the highest score for offensive players, but LeVante Bellamy (10) and Logan Woodside (12) also had banner days.

Party On, Garth!, meanwhile, struggled to get anything going with a team mostly made up of MAC East players. Shane Wimann, the starting tight end, got nine points on the day to lead POG. No other player scored more than four points. Even POG’s defense (Western Michigan) had a rough go of it, scoring -2 points.

The Squeaker of the week:

Five Dollar Phoutavongs (James H. Jimenez) vs. Clickbait Wizardry (Keith Schessele)

Postion PHOUT Players PHOUT Points CBG Players CBG Points
QB Shane Morris 14 Brogan Roback 9
RB Marcus Jones 4 Jarvion Franklin 4
RB Kenny Young 4 Papi White 9
WR D'Wayne Eskridge 1 Cory Lacanaria 1
WR Cody Thompson 11 Johnnie Niupalau 3
TE Logan Hessbrook 5 Zach Crouch 0
FLEX Dieuly Aristilde Jr. 2 Jared Murphy 6
K Paulie Fricano 6 Tom O'Leary 0
DEF Miami 2 Buffalo 10
Total: 49 Total: 42

This game would have been on RedZone if such a thing existed for MAC football. This game came down to the wire, as Clickbait Wizardry had more players eligible at the end of Saturday’s gameplay than Five Dollar Phoutavongs, meaning more opportunity for points.

Alas, two players registering 0 points came back to haung CBG in the end, as PHOUT snuck away with the win on the arm of Shane Morris (14 points) and hands of Cody Thompson (11.)

Brogan Roback and Papi White tied for highest scoring contributors on offense, each scoring nine points. Buffalo’s performance against Minnesota (17 points allowed, one interception) kept CBW in contention.

Jonathan Ward, a late pickup for PHOUT, scored 21 points on the bench, while CBw’s Brandon Childress (8 points) scored more than CBW’s starting receivers (6) combined.

The Other Games:

The Mangen Dixon Line (Mike Karpinski) vs. Brown and Goldman Sacks (Justin Coffin)

Postion MDL Players MDL Points BAGS Players BAGS Points
QB Quinton Maxwell 7 Thomas Woodson 1
RB James Gilbert 13 Jamauri Bogan 13
RB Shaq Vann 9 Donovan Wilson 0
WR James Gardner 10 Jon'Vea Johnson 5
WR Antoine Porter 6 Keishawn Watson 5
TE Kyle Schrank 0 Tyler Mabry 0
FLEX Chad Beebe 9 Jared Hogue 1
K Jameson Vest 17 Josh Grant 6
DEF Toledo 16 NIU 5
Total: 87 Total: 36

If you’re a fan of the tight end position, you might want to look away from this box score, as neither tight end registered a single fantasy point. Tyler Mabry was 1 receiving yard short of a point, while Kyle Schrank didn;t even register on the stat line.

The Mangen Dixon Line ran away with the game from the very start, outscoring Brown and Goldman Sacks 54-25 on offense thanks to James Gilbert (13) and James Gardner’s (10) double-digit days.

For BAGS, Jamauri Bogan (77 yards, one touchdown, 13 fantasy points) outscored the rest of the team combined (12 fantasy points,) as two players failed to register a point and quarterback Thomas Woodson scored 1 point (71 yards passing, -12 rushing yards, one interception, no touchdowns.)

Jameson Vest, Toledo’s placekicker, was the highest scoring player for either side, collecting 17 points for MDL thanks to a 4/4 field goal, 5/5 extra point attempt night.

Missing Zachy T (Hammy) vs. Corey Davis Based God (Brown and Gold)

Postion MZT Players MZT Points CDBG Players CDBG Points
QB Gus Ragland 26 Riley Neal 15
RB AJ Ouelette 6 Warren Ball 2
RB Devon Spalding 13 Josh Cleveland 1
WR Teo Redding 3 Diontae Johnson 16
WR Corey Willis 4 Scott Miller 2
TE Tyler Mangen 0 Ryan Smith 21
FLEX Eddie Daugherty 1 Mark Chapman 8
K Christian Hagan 7 Louie Zervos 7
DEF Akron -7 Central Michigan 19
Total: 53 Total: 91

Corey Davis Based God is once again on the path to redemption and proved it in a big way against Missing Zachy T this week, with Central Michigan’s defense proving to be a key difference.

CDBG had four players in double-digits, including Ryan Smith (21,) CMU D/ST (19,) Diontae Johnson (16) and Riley Neal (15) on the way to 65 points on offense.

MZT had an all-out performance from Gus Ragland (26) and a good day from Devon Spalding (13) to keep an otherwise anemic offense afloat, especially since Akron’s defense scored negative points.

Akron’s 56 points allowed effectively wiped out Christian Hagan’s performance and sunk any hopes of a comeback for MZT.

HBFL Players of the Week:

Offensive Player: Gus Ragland (298 passing yards, two passing touchdowns, 29 rushing yards, one rushing touchdown)

Defense/ST of the Week: Ohio (three sacks, two fumble recoveries, two takeaways)

Kicker of the week: Jameson Vest (4/4 on field goals, 5/5 on extra points)

Bench player of the week: Jonathan Ward (147 rushing yards, 17 receiving yards, one rushing touchdown)


Team Record Total fantasy points
Corey Davis Based God 1-0 91
The Mangen Dixon Line 1-0 87
Butts. 1-0 83
Five Dollar Phoutavongs 1-0 49
Missing Zachy T 0-1 53
Clickbait Wizardry 0-1 42
Brown and Goldman Sacks 0-1 36
Party On, Garth! 0-1 23

Stay tuned for more action from your favorite #MACtion fantasy league, as we’ll drop weekly updates every Tuesday afternoon during the out-of-conference season.