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RPI Computers Continue To Be Impressed With MAC Women

Buffalo is the top ranked

Kenneth Bailey

The RPI computer rankings, which the NCAA tournament committee no longer officially uses, but still uses, is in love with the MAC. Well, at least as in love as they can be for a mid-major.

The Buffalo Bulls, coming off their impressive win against Ball State, are the highest ranked team at 29. Ball State, who was also impressive in their comeback but ultimate defeat at the hands of the Bulls, dropped to 40. Central Michigan is sitting at 45. 40 and 45 would probably be good enough for a power conference team to get an invite, but not a MAC squad. 29 would be on the bubble, but I like to think Buffalo would get in.

The magic number when talking about strength of schedule, which is also a factor, is 100. Toledo is sitting at 67, WMU 79, and Ohio 85. Not only are these teams helping the strength of schedule of the front runners, they are also in position to go on a winning streak and rise in the rankings themselves.

Obviously there is still a lot of basketball to be played. The different scenarios are much too complex to bother mentioning at this junction, but suffice it to say the MAC is looking more and more like a potential multi bid league.