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So Far, Toledo Has Top MAC Football Recruiting Class and That Sucks

Recruiting isn’t my thing, but even I see the potential

MAC Championship - Akron v Toledo

I was looking for something to write about and across my feed came the commitment of a JUCO outside linebacker that picked the Toledo Rockets. Recruiting isn’t my thing, so I am not going to pretend to know the details beforehand, but I was going to throw up a quick story.

If you clicked the recruiting link, you’ll see I care so little, I don’t always read the story. However, this time, I did read the story. More importantly, I scrolled down to check out the entire Toledo class for 2018.


I counted 20 3 star recruits. My previous acquaintance with the class was quasi impressed. I saw that Toledo had missed out on a few 4 star recruits that had the potential of calling the 419 home, but nothing really moved the meter. This 20 3 star recruits thing is huge for a mid-major. It’s a program builder. Toledo already has a reputation and history that places it above most G5 schools. A class like this, with the talent already there, it could make for a great season. If coach Candle sticks around for a bit, this could be a magical thing that might actually be terrible for the MAC.

How could a class like this be terrible for the MAC, you ask? Look at Utah, TCU. The P5 expansion thing has died down a bit, but in 2 or 3 years from now, as this class gels, it could be in high gear again. I am not predicting it by any stretch, but if the stars align, don’t be shocked in 2021 if you see a B1G conference game between Rutgers and Toledo.