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Game 7 Preview - Toledo at Eastern Michigan

The Rockets take the short hop up US-23 to Ypsilanti.

The Toledo Rockets head north on US-23 to face Eastern Michigan
Kenneth Bailey

The Toledo Rockets take the roughly 50 mile up US-23 to face the Eastern Michigan Eagles. The Rockets have 3 wins and 2 losses and are coming off their only victory (and game) in the MAC against Bowling Green. They beat Bowling Green by a score of 52 to 36. The Eagles have 2 wins and 4 losses and are currently sporting a 4 game losing streak in which they’ve lost by a touchdown or less. Last week they lost against intrastate rival Western Michigan by a touchdown.

I probably need new pictures.
Kenneth Bailey

Honestly I can’t say if there is a quarterback controversy in Ypsilanti. Tyler Wiegers has more passing yards per game than Mike Glass but Mike Glass is almost one of Eastern Michigan’s rushing leaders. I honestly think that Coach Creighton should go with Mike Glass for the reason that he might add an extra wrinkle to a running game that needs some help. Looking at the stats, Toledo gives up about as many passing yards as Eastern Michigan puts up, so I expect that Eastern Michigan might take to the air. It might actually be interesting to see Eastern Michigan line up two quarterbacks in a single wing formation (sorry can’t call it a Wildcat).

I’ve said plenty about the Eastern Michigan running game. Shaq Vann is still their rushing leader but I almost think they should try some different moves with him. Have to figure out how to get him open.

When I looked at the numbers for Toledo, they score in bunches but they also give up points in bunches. I almost expect a shootout and I think Eastern Michigan has the players to win in a shootout.

Kenneth Bailey

For Toledo, I expect to see Eli Peters again. Last week as he filled in for the injured Mitchell Gaudagni, he was 17 for 35 with 184 yards. Mitchell Gaudagni was the leading Toledo rusher but I expect to see other backs to pick up the slack. Eastern Michigan hasn’t been that great on the run this year.

Like I said, the numbers say there is going to be a shootout but if last year was a guide, that’s probably not going to happen.