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Five Things Learned - Toledo at Eastern Michigan

Eastern finally beats Toledo, but what did we learn?

Does thing have google on it?
Kenneth Bailey

Eastern Michigan emerged victorious over Toledo for the first time since 2006. They were able to run to a large lead and nearly gave it up. But what did we learn?

Mike Glass on a run.
Kenneth Bailey

1. Eastern Michigan needs Mike Glass III.

Eastern Michigan raced to a 28-3 by the end of the first half. Two of those touchdowns were the result of Mike Glass’ feet. The other two came at the feet of Shaq Vann and Willie Parker, but Mike Glass contributed quite a bit to those drives. He went down at the end of the half and Tyler Wiegers took over. It seemed like Eastern moved the ball well enough in the second half but it didn’t look like the juggernaut in the first half.

Mitchell Guadagni on a run
Kenneth Bailey

2. I can see why Mitchell Guadagni is Toledo’s rushing leader.

Once Toledo got their offense going, he looked pretty good yesterday. There seemed to be many plays that were designed for that in mind.

3. Eastern Michigan’s defense needs to get better

I hate to be critical of the defense but they almost cost Eastern Michigan the game. If the team gets out to a 28-3 lead, the game should be a settled matter. I think this defense is world’s better than they used to be but they still need some work.

4. Eastern Michigan needs to put the other team away.

I’m not sure if the change in the game was because of Mike Glass’ injury but it didn’t seem like Eastern Michigan had the killer instinct in the second half. It seems like they were running a more conservative offense and it nearly cost them. I honestly don’t understand why coaches do that.

5. What is targeting?

No really, what is targeting? That seems to be football’s version of blocking and charging.