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Eastern Michigan defeats Ball State

Tyler Wiegers leads the Eagles to victory over the Cardinals
Kenneth Bailey

Eastern Michigan builds a two game winning streak after dropping four in a row. They were able to defeat the Cardinals by a score of 42 to 20. They were able to get there with the arm of Tyler Wiegers. The Eastern Michigan defense proved to be helpful as they held Ball State five points under their average.

When Mike Glass III went down at the end of the first half last week, it seemed like the Eagles went from cruising altitude to nearly blowing the game. It’s not a case that Tyler Wiegers is not as good as Mike Glass, it’s just that it seems like Eastern’s offense seems to more tailored to a quarterback that can run versus one that can pick apart a defense with his arm. Tyler Wiegers was 22 for 28 with 257 yards. He threw for three touchdowns. He was also able to run for a touchdown. The ground game proved to be fairly effective as the Eagles ran for 163 yards with Shaq Vann getting 63 of those yards.

If you take out the 80 yard run that Will Jones made near the end of the game, the Eastern Michigan defense would have held the Cardinals to under 150 yards. They were also able to hold Riley Neal to 157 yards and they got one pick. Eastern Michigan also recovered one fumble. With his large run, Will Jones proved to be leading rusher for Ball State. He was followed pretty closely by Riley Neal’s 77 yards.

Eastern Michigan returns to Rynearson Stadium to host Army. The Cardinals travel to Athens, Ohio where they will face the Bobcats.