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Five Things Learned - Eastern Michigan at Ball State

Eastern Michigan got a big win yesterday, but what did we learn?

If Chris Creighton can turn close losses into close wins, he get a trip to Detroit
Kenneth Baiey

Eastern Michigan was able to beat Ball State by a score of 42 to 20 yesterday, but what did we learn?

  1. Tyler Wiegers is a pretty good passer

So far for the season, Tyler Wiegers is 107 for 162 for a 66% completion percentange. He has only thrown 1 interception. Granted, he is put in situations where he has a pretty good chance of completion, but still. If he could grow some speed, he would be a pretty potent weapon in the Eastern Michigan offense.

2. Eastern Michigan needs to get their penalties under control.

Even though the game was pretty much decided, they got a few penalties in the fourth quarter. They got an unsportsmanlike conduct, holding, illegal block in the back, and another unsportsmanlike conduct. If the game were closer, these things might have cost Eastern the game.

3. Eastern Michigan needs a running quarterback.

It seems like the Eastern Michigan offense is predicated on having a running quarterback. A few years ago, they had Reggie Bell and the offense moves pretty well. It seemed like they had more success when they had Brogan Roback as a running quarterback. Mike Glass III is pretty effective at moving the ball. Tyler Wiegers is pretty accurate passing (as I said above), but it seems like other aspects of the offense are lacking. I’m not sure if this is something that can be fixed for the remainder of the season, but it’s something for next year.

I think Swoop is confused too
Kenneth Bailey

4. Options give the Eastern Michigan defense some fits.

It also seems like the option gives Eastern Michigan fits. Sometimes, I think they are too aggressive and get burned when they bite. Ball State had an 80 yard run for a touchdown yesterday. It seems like running quarterbacks get decent yardage against them. I’m willing to bet, Army will give them fits next week.

5. Bold Prediction Time

With four to five games left in the season, I’m going to predict that Buffalo will be facing Northern Illinois in Detroit. Then I think Buffalo will get a MAC championship.

Willie Parker on a nice run.
Kenneth Bailey