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Recap - Army Bowls Over Eastern Michigan 37 to 22.

Army takes to the air against Eastern Michigan
Kenneth Bailey
Coach Creighton trying to figure out a strategy against Army.
Kenneth Bailey

It was a cold and rainy day today and I am still getting better from my surgery. I didn’t really feel like risking illness, so I ended up listening to the game on the radio. It sounds like it because somewhat of a better game in the second half but Eastern Michigan couldn’t mount enough offense to overcome the Army score.

Army quarterback Kevin Hopkins, Jr went 7 for 8 for 126 yards in the air. He threw for two touchdowns and did not give up an interception. He was also Army’s leading rusher for 105 yards. Darnell Woolfolk and Jordan Asberry ran for a touchdown each as well. John Abercrombie was 3 for 3 on field goals.

Eastern Michigan was able to hold Army to 16 points in the first half but could not get a first down. In the second half, Eastern Michigan took to the air to score their first points. Tyler Wiegers was 19 for 29 for 201 yards with two touchdowns. The Eastern Michigan ground game was non-existent with 34 yards gained with Wiegers gaining 16 of those yards on a couple of draw plays.

Going into this game, I thought Eastern Michigan had a better chance but I knew it was going to be tough for this. Next week, they host Central Michigan at Rynearson for a noon game. Army returns home to host Air Force.

This is a picture from the last time Army traveled to Rynearson but I don’t imagine this game didn’t look much different.
Kenneth Bailey