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The NIU Football Drinking Game (2018 Edition)

What better way to watch this offense than with a drink?

Discover Orange Bowl - Northern Illinois v Florida State Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images

Fans of the Northern Illinois Huskies have watched their team struggle offensively all season long. With the team barely scoring 16 points per game and only averaging 260 yards per contest, there’s only one way to watch this Huskie offense…drunk.

That’s why I present to you the NIU Football Drinking Game - don’t worry, you only drink when the Huskies have the ball...and that should still be more than enough drinking. It’s the best way to stay involved in the game while actually making Huskie drives bearable.

So, turn on the game, open a beer or make a mixed drink, and simply drink the allotted amount any time one of these things happen during a Huskies’ possession.

Read option run – 1 sip
Jet sweep – 1 sip
Bubble screen – 1 sip
Pass thrown over the WR’s head or into the ground in front of the WR – 1 sip
Childers is forced to throw on the run – 1 sip
Childers is sacked – 2 sips
Bad snap on special teams – 2 sips
Rod Carey yells at players after a bad play – 3 sips
3-and-out – 3 sips
Turnover OR turnover on downs – 5 sips
Missed FG – 5 sips
Touchdown – finish drink, yell “holy shit, we scored!” (normally I’d be worried this might get people drunk…but not this season)
Fake punt pass from own end zone – finish six pack/liquor bottle.

Good luck, have fun, and, remember, drink responsibly!