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Frank Solich Wins 100th Game as Bobcat Head Coach

He has been more than mediocre

MAC Championship - Western Michigan v Ohio Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Growing up in Columbus, I had many friends and family from southern Ohio. One interesting tidbit about that region is that if you were not born there, you aren’t fully accepted. Another interesting tidbit is that is more basketball country than football. It is kind of like the Kentucky of Ohio in that regard.

A telling stat is that it is very easy to see when Frank Solich started coaching the Bobcats. You just look at the overall record each season over the past 40ish years. Wade through a bunch of suck, look for one bad year followed by mostly success and voila! Since landing at the Bobcats in 2005, he has turned the Bobcats into a bit of a football school.

In 9 of his 13 full seasons in Athens, his team has made it to a bowl game. His teams can claim a division championship or tie in 4 of those seasons. For a team that last won the MAC in 1968, that is quite impressive. That long streak of winning has produced a record of 100-73. While that 73% winning percentage may not be super impressive at some schools, consider this. In the 36 years between the last Ohio MAC championship and Coach Solich arriving on campus, the Bobcats managed to win 35.5% of their games. 136-250-8.

Congratulations to Coach Solich on his 100th win with the Bobcats, and here is to hoping he has many more!