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Eastern Michigan Downed by Duke

Eastern Michigan roared to a quick 2-0 lead only to fall 84-46.

Kevin McAdoo and Damari Parris lead Eagles scoring with 9 points each.
Kenneth Bailey

If the game would have ended after 18 seconds, Eastern Michigan would have found itself with a 2-0 lead after Paul Jackson scored the first points of the game. But that was not the case. Duke was able to build itself a quick advantage off Eagle turnovers. By the time the halftime buzzer sounded, Duke would find itself with a 48 to 13 lead.

Eastern Michigan only had a 21.4% shooting percentage versus a 57.1% shot percentage for Duke in the first half. Eastern Michigan would finish the night at 30.9 percent. Both Damari Parris and Kevin McAdoo led Eastern Michigan in scoring with 9 points each. Duke had two players with 20 points or over with Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett.

Eastern Michigan made the second half intersting by only losing that 36 to 33 but by then it was a settled game.

Eastern Michigan will host Boston College at the Convocation Center on Saturday.