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MAC Talk with Mark Rogers TV - Week 12

College football analyst Mark Rogers invites Hustle Belt’s Steve Helwick on his show to talk about the state of the MAC.

Kenneth Bailey

Chaos unfolded, to say the least, during midweek MACtion this week.

Ball State kicked off the week by upsetting Western Michigan in Kalamazoo. Then on Wednesday, Buffalo’s perfect MAC record was finally destroyed by Nathan Rourke and the powerful Ohio offense. On the same evening, Northern Illinois saw its 6-game winning streak and undefeated conference record come to a halt when Miami (OH) upset the Huskies in DeKalb without an offensive touchdown.

In the middle of the Wednesday night craziness, Hustle Belt writer Steve Helwick joined college football analyst Mark Rogers of Mark Rogers TV. Check out the analysis and MAC talk on the segment, featuring a preview of the likely MAC Championship matchup. Also, subscribe to Mark Rogers TV here for endless college football coverage, which routinely features media guests from SB Nation blogs.