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Eastern Michigan Downs Kent State to Go Bowling*

Eastern Michigan escapes Kent State with a 28-20 victory.

Ian Eriksen is the hero of the game with three rushing touchdowns.
Kenneth Bailey

I’m not sure if Eastern Michigan had to win this game in order to go bowling but I think being 7-5 is more helpful than being 6-6. Eastern Michigan won this game on the basis of their ground game for a change.

Kent State was able to roar to a 10-0 lead on the back of a Matthew Trickett field goal followed by the recovery of an Arthur Jackson fumble by Cepeda Phillips. Eastern Michigan would score the next 28 points on the back of three Ian Eriksen touchdowns and an Isaac Stiebling rushing touchdown. Kent State tried to make a game of it after Jo-El Shaw ran in a touchdown in the third quarter to make the game 28-17. A late field goal by Matthew Trickett would bring Kent State into striking distance.

Vince Calhoun seeking an opponent in another game.
Kenneth Bailey

Vince Calhoun sealed the deal with an interception at the Eagle 35 yard line with 4:28 to go. Chad Ryland would add to the Eagle lead but a Kent State personal foul negated that and Eastern would be able to get into the victory formation.

With their 7th win of the season, Eastern Michigan looks pretty certain to get a bowl bid somewhere. Kent State would finish the season at 2-10.