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Rochester Warriors at Eastern Michigan Eagles - in Pictures

Eastern Michigan holds on to beat the Warriors

On Election Night, Eastern Michigan holds a basketball game.
Kenneth Bailey

So I take my spot back on the baseline on basketball. Getting my valve replaced and having to take blood thinners as a result of that means that I wont be taking my spot under the basket again. So I probably wont be as happy with my pictures as I have been in the past but they are still okay.

So I guess the tale of the tape. Paul Jackson was able to lead Eastern Michigan with 27 points. Junior transfer students Damari Parris and Boubacar Toure held their own with 15 points each. James Thompson got 12 points. The leading scorer for Rochester was Kash Blackwell with 21 points. Eastern Michigan was able to out rebound the Warriors by a nearly 2 to 1 margin. But they could never quite pull away and winning by a score of 77 to 67.

Eastern Michigan faces the Drexel Dragons on Friday at 11 A.M.

At any rate, pictures. Normally I would caption these, but it’s late. Enjoy the pictures though.