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The MAC Always Delivers, As Courtney Woods Scores 38

Another day, another exciting contest

Northern Illinois logo

After a tough day at work, I wondered how the finish of my evening would go. I spent some time with the wife and kids, then I tuned into sports. Not just any sports, but MAC sports. First, I watched Central Michigan destroy Oakland in women’s basketball, 104 to 61. Three Chippewas scored over 20. Two had double doubles, as they look better than last season. WMU looked like WMU, playing solid defense but having their moments on offense.

Overall, I was impressed with what I saw out of both those teams. Then I headed over to the Northern Illinois game. Generally the Huskies are a run and gun type of team that is exciting. Sometimes they look good, sometimes not so much. I really don’t expect much out of this particular team. I might be wrong.

In a close game against Yale, I saw the Huskies pull away late. Courtney Woods scored 38 with 12 rebounds. However, that great performance by a great player wasn’t what I enjoyed about this game. I saw two teams competing for the win until the end, and that is what competition is all about. I don’t want to see a bully pick on an inferior. I don’t want to see one corporation do a better job of managing assets than another, I want to see a couple of kids go out it, and one of them pull out the win. Tonight, Courtney and company did.

That is the definition of #MACtion. Most nights, you can find an exciting contest if you like competition for the sake of competition.