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MAC Women’s Basketball Power Rankings: Dec. 14th, 2018

Some surprises, but the season is still young

NCAA Womens Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Albany Regional-Buffalo vs South Carolina Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The conference is loaded this year with talent and coaching. The top three teams combine for a record of 22-2. The top two-thirds of the conference posts a combined record of 49-15, for a winning percentage of 76%. Not too shabby at all.

*Spoiler: Buffalo fans are not going to be too happy with these rankings.

The Bulls are on a great run as of late, but their fans are going to be a little shocked at how low I have their team. The reason is simple. Buffalo is a great team, in a conference full of great teams. I have no doubt the Bulls are contenders for the MAC crown.

#12 Ball State Cardinals

The Carmen Grandeless Cards are struggling, but there is talent on the team and solid coaching. I doubt they are this bad by the end of the season.

#11 Western Michigan Broncos

The Broncos’ record this season is a product of losing a lot of talent coupled with a tough schedule. Again, this team has talent and good coaching. Once it starts putting the ball in the basket, it will be fine.

#10 Kent State Golden Flashes

This team also needs to improve their scoring, but are still pretty solid overall. If they can figure out how to score inside the arch, they will be a formidable team.

#9 Bowling Green Falcons

Megan Duffy turned the Miami RedHaweks in her first season. In her second, she has them rolling. Is coach Fralick performing a similar miracle? That is a very real possibility.

#8 Northern Illinois Huskies

This team, unlike the teams below it, can score. However, with their style of play, they need to score more. There is talent on this roster, so as it gains full steam, they could certainly contend for a bye in the first round of the MAC tournament. Not bad a bad prognosis for a number 8 squad.

#7 Toledo Rockets

The Rockets are number 7 on my list, because they have some things to work out. However, they are actually number 2 in the conference in RPI rankings. Do I believe they are the second best team in the conference? No, but I do believe they could become contenders for the conference crown.

#6 Akron Zips

This team has had some missed games due to team violations and is sitting at 5-2. Even if they don’t figure out those issues, they have shown a resiliency that is impressive.

#5 Buffalo Bulls

I know the Bulls fans are screaming at me right now. This team is great. Based on RPI rankings, they should be 4th in the conference. They are certainly contenders for the MAC crown and the 4th slot is probably accurate at this point. I put them at 5 because the top 5 are hard to separate at this point, and I am a bit of an EMU fan at this stage in the game.

#4 Eastern Michigan Eagles

I am an Eagles fan because a few years ago, they were awful. I am not going to sugar coat it, they were painful to watch. Last year, their record wasn’t much better, but that was the depth of the league. This year, outside of league play, they are winning, so I put them at 4. What an impressive job by Fred Castro.

#3 Miami RedHawks

Yet another great coach in this conference, Megan Duffy, is doing great things. The RedHawks are sitting at 7-1 with their only loss to top 5 Louisville.

#2 Central Michigan Chippewas

Are the Chippewas the best team in the conference? With a conference this loaded, I can’t say yes, but I would not be surprised if they were with all the talent they have. And of course coach Guevara.

#1 Ohio Bobcats

I have the Bobcats number 1 because they are undefeated, and you play to win the game. I also think they are a fantastic basketball team that is well coached.