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We’re Not Going To Take It Anymore, I hope


NCAA Football: SEC Football Media Day Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

I was having a good day. I was writing about my primo sports passion, women’s basketball. I had recently written about my second sporting love, men’s basketball, and life was grand. However, there was this gnawing hatred was growing inside of me, because whispers of information were coming across my desk. I wanted to ignore it. I tried to block it out. Sadly, the dearth of information about “it” overcame my desire to abscond from commenting.

“They should look inward”

The commissioner of the Southeastern Athletic Conference said that Central Florida should “look inward” as to why they are not in the college football playoffs, even though they haven’t lost in a couple of years. Bull shit.

Excuse my language, because on this website I try to be mostly professional. However, this guy is just being a mean bully. He knows UCF can’t just schedule who they want. Even if they could, it would always be at a disadvantage. “Oh, hey, we see you have a rivalry game. We’ll play you, on our home turf, with you on 5 days rest after that rivalry game, but only if we can use our refs.”

I reflected on my own like, and realized that I am guilty of being a snob and not caring of lesser teams. Even though I knew the history of Chuck 35-0 Ealey. When Western Michigan went undefeated, I blamed them. I am ashamed. I thought if they knocked off Northwestern by more, or whatever, I rationalized it. “If Toledo goes undefeated in this day and age...” I thought. Oh, how wrong I was. It’s time to move on from these elitists.

As a small business owner that is on the go, I look for solutions, and I don’t dwell on mistakes. I just want to learn from them and proceed. With regards to college football it is obvious the people in power are scum, and want to keep their position in power, regardless with what happens on the field.

These business men in suits (Not the kids, they are great) stack the deck and then beat their chest because they are so great. They also line their pockets. I can’t live that way.

While I did enjoy the few times we have knocked these “powers” off in their stadium, which we have, it’s time to sever ties with the SEC. If that means we have to sever ties with the entire NCAA, I am ok with that. What I don’t want to do is “Look inward” on reasons why I can screw an undefeated team(over 2 seasons) out of a shot at a fictitious championship.

Editor’s note: Cleaned up some personal attacks because I let my passion for fair play get the better of me.