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Western Michigan at Eastern Michigan - Basketball - In Pictures

A night marking my return to shooting basketball.

Eastern Michigan kept reaching but could never quite catch Western Michigan
Kenneth Bailey

After spending two months in either the hospital or rehab, I couldn’t wait to set foot in the Convocation Center. I love photographing basketball and in many ways I love it more than I love photographing football. Considering that I was almost resigning myself to missing the basketball season, it was good to be back. Unfortunately, I’m still a little tender so I was either in the stands or on the court side seats for the game, so my shots aren’t as good as they normally are. Still not too bad.

After a fairly strong start in the non-conference schedule, Eastern Michigan fell flat against the MAC. As they were entering this game, they were 3-5. So once again, Eastern Michigan is looking at having to do the play in games for the MAC Tournament.

As for the game, both teams didn’t look particularly good and Eastern had the lead at the end of the first half. Western came out strong and sank a bunch of three pointers. From the point, Eastern Michigan was trying to play catch up but could never quite catch Western Michigan. When the final buzzer tolled, Eastern Michigan ended up losing 71-57. Despite getting mugged for most of the night, James Thompson IV finished with 24 points and 18 rebounds. Western Michigan’s leading scorer was Brandon Johnson with 14 points.

Eastern Michigan will look to turn it around when they host Ball State tomorrow. Western Michigan will continue on the road and head over to Buffalo.