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Second MAC Team Cracks Women’s RPI Top 25

Two bid league? Probably.

Kenneth Bailey

The latest RPI ratings have been compiled at and Central Michigan, after their win against Ball State, have cracked the top 25, coming in at number 23. The Buffalo Bulls are sitting at 16. The Cardinals are sitting at 36, which is right around where they were before the L at McGuirk.

While the RPI is no longer officially a part of the NCAA selection committee’s process, the rankings do provide them with a good place to start. Not only are the Bulls and Chippewas in the top 25 of the RPI, both received votes in latest AP and UPI polls. I think if the season ended today, both teams would receive an invite.

Ball State would still be on the outside looking in. However, since they didn’t drop out of the top 40, I don’t believe the door on at-large bid has been slammed shut. If they can manage to reach the finals and they knocked off Central Michigan to get there (which is what would have to happen if my seeding is correct), then there is a possibility for an at-large bid. I am not going to say it’s a strong possibility, but it’s there.

There are still a lot of land mines for these three teams even though the regular season is almost over. As Toledo showed last season, there are of talented in the middle of the pack. The MAC Tournament is right around the corner and one thing is certain, we are set for a lot of exciting basketball.