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NCAA Tourney: Buffalo heading to Boise for a date with Arizona

MACtion about to be unleashed in Idaho all over the Zona Zoo

Well, that’s not ideal.

The Buffalo Bulls are headed to Boise, ID to take on the Arizona Wildcats. You know, the Pac-12 champ. Should the Bulls win they will likely face the Kentucky Wildcats (criminally underseeded I might add) who just won the SEC. A win there and it’s likely the Virginia Cavaliers. So three straight conference champs stand in the way of an Elite 8 run for the Bulls. But let’s get back to Arizona...

My guess is it’s the late game on Thursday, and that’s a tall order for the Bulls. Arizona is an athletic fast team who finished the season 27-7. We’ve gone on record as saying that Buffalo will be a tough out, and frankly, the way you beat a team like Arizona is to score and shoot the lights out. Buffalo is capable of both. Upset alert? Stay tuned...