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Join the Hustle Belt Bracket Challenge

Bragging rights on the line. Get them.

NCAA Basketball: Final Four Preview David Wallace-USA TODAY Sports

It’s an emergency red alert morning because we are one day away from March Madness. Sure, there’s the play-in games and the NIT/CBI/CIT, but the big dance starts Thursday and I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait.

It wouldn’t be March without a bracket and you can’t fill out a bracket without comparing your results to others. So, that’s where the Hustle Belt Bracket Challenge comes in. This year you can go here and fill out your bracket to prove your dominance. Be an alpha.

Your prize for winning? A Twitter shout out, infinity HustleBucks, and the bragging rights of winning a bracket challenge. I believe it was Paul Walker in one of the sixteen Fast and the Furious movies who said pride means more than money. Then he jumped in an import and sped off while Vin Diesel drank Corona and spread his arms out and flexed. There’s comfort in predictability.

So get your brackets in, kiddies, because tip off is noon on Thursday. Buffalo to the Final Four? If you dare...