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Two MAC Teams in Top 20 of Final Regular Season RPI Rankings

An amazing season for the entire conference!

Kenneth Bailey

After the dust has settled and the MAC women’s basketball regular season is in the books, the significance of this season is starting to sink in. The RPI rankings today, according to, has 2 MAC teams in the top 20. Buffalo is sitting at 19, while Central Michigan is at 20. There are no guarantees in this life, except maybe that Tom Brady will have a national approval rating of 7, however two top 20 teams this late is getting close to guaranteeing the MAC as a two bid league.

Other factors include just how well the rest of the conference has done. Ball State climbed to 34. 3 of the top 34 is impressive. Toledo, a tournament team last year, comes in all the way down at 72. Which really isn’t bad in RPI land. A 17 win team, that’s a testament to their schedule. The Megan Duffy project, known as Miami, is sitting at 83. The Bobcats are sitting at 100. Half of the conference is in the top 100. Nice, and Western Michigan isn’t far behind.

While there is still a ton of basketball to be played, I think it’s safe to say the MAC women have done a fantastic job this season.