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The 2018 Eastern Michigan Spring Game: In Pictures

It’s the official start to football season. So too do we start our “In Pictures” series once again.

Chris Creighton prepares for his fifth season at Eastern Michigan.
Kenneth Bailey

I was kind of waffling on whether I wanted to go to the Eastern Michigan spring game or not. I’m still not feeling 100% after my ordeal with my health. I wasn’t sure how the weather was going to be. I ended up going. When I consider that I couldn’t do it three months ago, it would be difficult to pass up.

After a disappointing 5-7 season last year, that could have just as easily turned out to be 7-5 or greater, there are many questions that Eastern Michigan will have to answer. The most important being how do they replace Brogan Roback? Roback put up the kind of numbers that will be hard to replace but it looks like Eastern Michigan has a pair of quarterbacks that might be ready to step in to his position.

The most likely will be the graduate transfer from Iowa in the form of Tyler Wiegers. He didn’t see much playing time in Iowa but was a three start quarterback from Rivals. Another possibility will be sophomore Isaac Stiebeling. He comes highly touted from Indiana and saw ome play time in relief of Roback in 2017. Both quarterbacks looked effective during the game but it’s hard to really say what they will do in a real game.

Another question is at running back.

Eastern Michigan has four players returning at that position. The front runner of the bunch is probably Shaq Vann but it all depends on whether or not he remains healthy. He will be joined by Ian Eriksen and Breck Turner, both of whom are very capable and experienced backs. Looking to make a name for himself will be Willie Parker, who has shown huge upside.

Eastern Michigan will need Isaac Holder to step into that role and Mathew Sexton, who looked really good at the game with a nice catch for a touchdown during the game, to step up and replace the production of the incomparable Sergio Bailey II. But again, it remains to be seen how they will perform in game situations.

Given that the defense allowed 21 points (the total for both sides), I do not see as many questions on that side of the ball. There seem to be many familiar names that are returning. The question remains is whether they will continue the defensive numbers from last year.

It is way too early to make a prediction on Eastern Michigan next year but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that they will improve upon their record from last year.