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Logan Woodside is Everything You Should Want in a Quarterback

Which is why he should get drafted earlier than expected

Toledo Athletics

For some stupid reason, they let me attend MAC media day this year at the NFL Hall of Fame. Two things stood out the most. One, I was walking down a hallway to take a pee when I passed Logan Woodside going the other direction. The first thing I thought was “6’2 my ass”. I was on a ramp so maybe that skewed things, but I don’t believe he is that tall. The second, as I was going back to my seat, I passed him talking to a reporter about this giant scar, and was kinda grossed out, but I also realized he is a football player first, QB second.

Is Logan Woodside an NFL QB? I don’t know and neither do you. What I do know is that he has some buzz because he had some great stats in college, but has some “measurable” issues. That is exactly the guy you take a chance on. Best case scenario, you take the next Drew Brees. Worst case, you are auditioning your next coach.

I am fairly certain Woodside is trying to make a name for himself. I personally think he has the tools to make it as an NFL QB, either as a starter or backup. If he doesn’t, he has the ability to be the next coach. We’ll see how it goes, but if teams let him slip past the 3rd round, they are making a mistake.