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Ohio Should Work With the MAC to Make Sports Betting Fun

Because it’s good for the economy

Cryptocurrencies Rally After First Quarter Slump Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images

I am going to give a little political background about my beloved state of Ohio. Gambling made the legislative vote from time to time, but was shot down every time by the rural element. Then, the economy crashed, and not only did they legalize gambling for a couple of big companies, they made it part of the state constitution. Why? Jobs. Or money. Or the mere potential of both.

So now the Supreme Court of the United States has made sports gambling a state issue, which plenty of states will capitalize on. Ohio should be one of them for a variety of reasons. The number one reason is money. But not just any money, money for the Mid-American Conference. This is the perfect storm for our beloved conference.

College sports gambling is going to happen everywhere, eventually, so there is no reason to be against it, other than some moral high horse, which will go no where. Second, there are 6 MAC schools in the state, all to some degree or other struggling for money or prestige. This country is a capitalist country, and it is time for the MAC to capitalize on this potential windfall.

For those of you that aren’t huge MAC fans, or are not degenerate gamblers, you might not understand what this connection is. Degenerate gambler, I would like you to meet Tuesday Night MACTION. Tuesday Night MACTION, I would like you to meet degenerate gambler.

For a good chunk of the college football season, the MAC is basically the only game in town on Tuesday and Wednesday, and to a lesser degree Thursday. At times, we at the Hustle Belt will lament the loss of the Saturday college experience because of it. However, this post is about MONEY. Which the MAC schools need. Not covet, need.

I implore the MAC leadership to immediately get off their high horse (which I normally would be all for them riding on) and accept that gambling is here, and it can be a benefit.