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De La Rosa Leaves Kent State, Bummer

What does it mean?

Kent State v UCLA Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The Seven Footer from the City has decided there are greener pastures than Kent State. Nothing in this story from Kentwired tells the story why he left. Does it really matter?

On the one hand, he is a young guy that has a life to live. He is bouncing around trying to find himself. On the other, Kent is a struggling athletic program trying to find success, like their young former student athlete. The bottom line is, we are all on this planet together, trying to find our little place. For Kent State basketball, they had a nice little run, making the NCAA tournament going against the Ball kid. De La Rosa was a small part of that. The following year, he was a bigger part of the team, but the team didn’t have the same success. Now, he goes about finding a better path. So does the team.

It is what it is. The MAC wont be quite as strong as a conference without his talents, and there is no telling where he will land. That’s the great thing about the future, we have to wait and see. As for his legacy in the MAC, he played his roll, and it was enjoyable to watch.