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Offseason? More like Bowl Suggestion Season

With all this expansion, why stop at 42 bowls?

A scene from the MAC Championship game.
Kenneth Bailey

So the NCAA recently announced that they would be adding three more bowl games. One in Chicago, Fort Myers and a location yet to be determined. The Chicago game will be played at Wrigley Field and will feature teams from the Big Ten and ACC. It doesn’t have a name yet though. The one in Fort Myers doesn’t have a tie in nor a name. The Mystery Bowl doesn’t even have a place yet. These will start in 2020 and will bring the total number of bowl games to 42 plus the championship game. All of this means that 84 of the 129 FBS teams will go to a bowl game.

Normally, I would go with tradition and say that there are too many bowl games but why stop at 42 bowl games? Why not add 22 more games and then everyone can go bowling except for one team. Sorry Number 127, but you’re staying home. More on that later.

Many people say that bowl games should be a reward, but who wouldn’t want to go to Chicago in the middle of December and play in front of 10 people? I mean it’s not like it’s cold or anything like that in Chicago.

It’s actually Burns Harbor, but Gary is not much different.
Kenneth Bailey

So as for my suggestions. I’ll start with the lowest bowl first. First the lowest bowl, we could have the Tidy Bowl. This is the bowl where 128 is pitted against 129. We have a championship for the two best teams in college, why not have a game to determine the worst? I mean, who wouldn’t want the excitement of UTEP playing Charlotte? As for a location, it should be played in Gary, Indiana. This game is the reason why 127 stays home.

Akron’s not that bad, but I’m not so sure about December.
Kenneth Bailey

Next up could be the Rubber Bowl in Akron, Ohio. And if we use last year’s rankings, Kent State would have almost a home game against Ball State. But given that you wouldn’t have pairings from the same conference, it would probably end up being Kent State hosting Coastal Carolina.

Texas State could then play Ball State in the Jerry Bowl. I mean, we already use that stadium for the Cotton Bowl, what’s one more game there.

We already have the Potato Bowl, what about the Dust Bowl? Idaho could play Georgia Southern in Oklahoma.

Maybe they could reinstate the California Bowl and San Jose State could play Eastern Michigan for rematch of their California Bowl.

A C-17 would be pretty cool. And so is Dayton in December.
Kenneth Bailey

As an aviation fan, I would love to see the reinstatement of the Aviation Bowl in Dayton, Ohio. They could have one of the C-17’s from Wright-Patterson do a fly by.

We already have 5-7 teams in bowl games. Why don’t we have a 1-11 or an 0-12 team get in a bowl game? It’s getting close that an 4-8 team is a possibility. Why stop there? And besides that, we can settle who the worst team in college football is.