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Sam Beal is headed to the Big Apple after being picked up in the NFL Supplemental Draft

Could be a potential steal of a pick

Western Michigan v Northwestern Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

According to this article by Nick Buckley of the Battle Creek Enquirer, Sam Beal, of the Western Michigan Broncos, was picked up in the third round of the supplemental NFL draft. Per the article, Beal originally opted to stay in school, but then entered the supplemental draft because a lack of credits made him ineligible this upcoming season.

The New York Giants selected him, and will have to give up their third round pick next year. That’s a potential steal of a pick.

The former 2nd Team All-MAC performer has all of the measurables for a defensive back in the NFL. He has great size and good speed, making him a potential lock down corner. His size also makes it possible for him to switch to safety. If I were an NFL executive, I would be rich. I would also be looking for this type of pick in the late first round. A guy with star potential at a key position, that also has a high floor. Throw in that he was going to go back to school is also a plus.

As a testament to the recruiting job that PJ Fleck did, Beal is the third WMU player drafted this off-season. Four others were signed as free agents.