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A first look at the MAC’s player and team overall rankings in updated “NCAA Football 19” rosters

Operation Sports released its first batch of ratings for the upcoming football season, and we combed through all the changes.

James H. Jimenez | Screenshot: EA Sports

Ever since NCAA Football went extinct back in 2013, a group of fans at Operation Sports have kept the dream alive, using their modding skills and (surely) hundreds of hours of hard work to re-make the experience for gamers to play with updated rosters every new football season.

The 2018-2019 season is upon us, and the group has released its first batch of ratings for the upcoming campaign. Seeing as we like to use NCAA Football as a predictor of the future, it only makes sense to look up the numbers and see just how good the folks over at Operation Sports think every MAC team is.

Let’s start with a breakdown of the team overall ratings. The differences in overall rating between the final “2017-2018” roster and the first “2018-2019” roster are listed, as well as the “completeness” of each roster, per Operation Sports’ calculations.

Team 2018 overall ranking 2017 overall ranking Net change Complete?
Akron 65 72 -7 Pre-spring
Ball State 72 67 5 Post-spring
BGSU 63 74 -11 Incomplete
Buffalo 75 72 3 Post-spring
Central Michigan 63 75 -12 Post-spring
Eastern Michigan 67 74 -7 Pre-spring
Kent State 72 68 4 Incomplete
Miami 81 81 0 Incomplete
NIU 77 74 3 Incomplete
Ohio 77 74 3 Incomplete
Toledo 68 77 -9 Pre-spring
Western Michigan 77 72 5 Incomplete

Now comes the fun part. We’ve compiled the overall rankings of every major offensive and defensive skill positions and put them in a sortable chart (by team, by overall, etc.) so you can compare and contrast how each player stacks up!

Keep in mind that some rosters are currently in the process of being re-worked (BGSU, Miami, Kent, NIU, Ohio and Western all are labeled incomplete on Operation Sports) so take a few of these numbers with a grain of salt. They’re included to help scale the rest of the numbers and give more insight into how the process works.

“NCAA 19” MAC Player Overalls

Player Team Position Overall
Player Team Position Overall
Kato Nelson Akron QB 77
Riley Neal Ball State QB 78
Jarret Doege Bowling Green QB 74
Tyree Jackson Buffalo QB 82
Tony Poljan Central Michigan QB 73
Tyler Wiegers Eastern Michigan QB 79
George Bollas Kent State QB 70
Gus Ragland Miami (OH) QB 83
Marcus Childers Northern Illinois QB 70
Nathan Rourke Ohio QB 68
Mitch Guadagni Toledo QB 76
Jon Wassink Western Michigan QB 73
Van Edwards Akron RB 77
James Gilbert Ball State RB 81
Andrew Clair Bowling Green RB 82
Emmanuel Reed Buffalo RB 78
Jonathan Ward Central Michigan RB 85
Ian Eriksen Eastern Michigan RB 81
Justin Rankin Kent State RB 70
Alonzo Smith Miami (OH) RB 80
Tommy Mister Northern Illinois RB 74
A.J. Ouellette Ohio RB 81
Shakif Seymour Toledo RB 75
Jamauri Bogan Western Michigan RB 84
Kwadarrius Smith Akron WR 79
Andre Williams Akron WR 71
Justin Hall Ball State WR 83
Corey Lacanaria Ball State WR 80
Scott Miller Bowling Green WR 82
Janarvis Pough Bowling Green WR 75
Anthony Johnson Buffalo WR 91
K.J. Osborn Buffalo WR 76
Brandon Childress Central Michigan WR 76
Cameron Cole Central Michigan WR 71
Eddie Daugherty Eastern Michigan WR 75
Mathew Sexton Eastern Michigan WR 74
Raekwon James Kent State WR 74
Johnny Woods Kent State WR 72
James Gardner Miami (OH) WR 84
Jared Murphy Miami (OH) WR 81
D.J. Brown Northern Illinois WR 76
Jauan Wesley Northern Illinois WR 75
Papi White Ohio WR 83
Brendan Cope Ohio WR 75
Cody Thompson Toledo WR 85
Diontae Johnson Toledo WR 85
D'Wayne Eskridge Western Michigan WR 70
Keishawn Watson Western Michigan WR 68
Newman Williams Akron TE 76
Nolan Givan Ball State TE 73
Tyler Traylor Bowling Green TE 67
Tyler Mabry Buffalo TE 74
Logan Hessbrook Central Michigan TE 83
Tre'Shown Fields Eastern Michigan TE 72
Conor Brumfield Kent State TE 70
Nate Becker Miami (OH) TE 74
Mitchell Brinkman Northern Illinois TE 70
Connor Brown Ohio TE 70
Jordan Fisher Toledo TE 75
Odell Miller Western Michigan TE 68
Brian Reinke Akron DE 78
Jamal Davis II Akron DE 83
James Jennette III Ball State DE 70
Sean Hammonds Jr. Ball State DE 75
Brian Sanders Bowling Green DE 79
David Konowalski Bowling Green DE 81
Charles Harris Buffalo DE 82
Malcolm Koonce Buffalo DE 72
Mitch Stanitzek Central Michigan DE 71
Mike Danna Central Michigan DE 83
Kwanii Figueroa Eastern Michigan DE 74
Maxx Crosby Eastern Michigan DE 85
Nick Faulkner Kent State DE 72
Theo Eboigbe Kent State DE 75
Pasquale Calcagno Miami (OH) DE 72
Dean Lemon Miami (OH) DE 70
Sutton Smith Northern Illinois DE 97
Josh Corcoran Northern Illinois DE 73
Sam McKnight Ohio DE 74
Chukwudi Chukwu Ohio DE 66
Chris Norwood Toledo DE 70
Tuzar Skipper Toledo DE 77
Antonio Balabani Western Michigan DE 67
Eric Assoua Western Michigan DE 84
Brock Boxen Akron DT 81
Chris Crumb Ball State DT 73
Kyle Junior Bowling Green DT 79
Justin Brandon Buffalo DT 75
Nate Brisson-Fast Central Michigan DT 83
Tyler LaBarbera Eastern Michigan DT 72
Anthony McKay Kent State DT 75
Nate Trawick Miami (OH) DT 81
Ben LeRoy Northern Illinois DT 75
Kent Berger Ohio DT 74
Nate Childress Toledo DT 81
Nick Matich Western Michigan DT 70
John Lako Akron MLB 77
Jacob White Ball State MLB 77
Kholbe Coleman Bowling Green MLB 75
Khalil Hodge Buffalo MLB 90
Malik Fountain Central Michigan MLB 84
Kyle Rachwal Eastern Michigan MLB 81
Dalton Hicks Kent State MLB 68
Junior McMullen Miami (OH) MLB 83
Kyle Pugh Northern Illinois MLB 72
Austin Clack Ohio MLB 71
Tyler Taafe Toledo MLB 81
Najee Clayton Western Michigan MLB 71
Nathan Bischof Akron OLB 79
Ulysees Gilbert III Akron OLB 86
Ray Wilborn Ball State OLB 70
Christian Albright Ball State OLB 71
Brandon Harris Bowling Green OLB 81
Armani Posey Bowling Green OLB 76
Kadofi Wright Buffalo OLB 71
Jordan Collier Buffalo OLB 73
Michael Oliver Central Michigan OLB 74
Alex Briones Central Michigan OLB 82
Jeremiah Harris Eastern Michigan OLB 85
Jaylen Pickett Eastern Michigan OLB 76
Matt Bahr Kent State OLB 70
Jim Jones Kent State OLB 73
De'Andre Montgomery Miami (OH) OLB 81
Brad Koenig Miami (OH) OLB 79
Lance Deveaux Jr. Northern Illinois OLB 68
Jordan Cole Northern Illinois OLB 64
Dylan Conner Ohio OLB 68
Evan Croutch Ohio OLB 73
Richard Olekanma Toledo OLB 76
Tre'Shun Wilson Toledo OLB 73
Alex Grace Western Michigan OLB 68
Drake Spears Western Michigan OLB 67
Kyron Brown Akron CB 81
Darian Dailey Akron CB 80
Marc Walton Ball State CB 80
Josh Miller Ball State CB 75
Cameron Jefferies Bowling Green CB 77
Robert Jackson Jr. Bowling Green CB 76
Cameron Lewis Buffalo CB 80
Brandon Williams Buffalo CB 75
Sean Bunting Central Michigan CB 85
Da'Quan Jamison Central Michigan CB 72
Brody Hoying Eastern Michigan CB 85
Kevin McGill Eastern Michigan CB 75
Darryl Marshall Kent State CB 71
K.J. Sherald Kent State CB 69
Deondre Daniels Miami (OH) CB 76
Cedric Asseh Miami (OH) CB 76
Albert Smalls Northern Illinois CB 75
Jalen Embry Northern Illinois CB 70
Jalen Fox Ohio CB 73
Ilyaas Motlet Ohio CB 71
Ka'dar Hollman Toledo CB 80
Justin Clark Toledo CB 76
Obbie Jackson Western Michigan CB 72
Emanuel Jackson Western Michigan CB 71
Alvin Davis Akron FS 83
Lamar Anderson Ball State FS 76
Jamari Bozeman Bowling Green FS 80
Dev Lamour Buffalo FS 71
Tyjuan Swain Central Michigan FS 69
Justin Moody Eastern Michigan FS 80
Quan Robinson Jr. Kent State FS 71
Joshua Allen Miami (OH) FS 73
Adam Buirge Northern Illinois FS 67
Kylan Nelson Ohio FS 80
Josh Teachey Toledo FS 79
Davontae Ginwright Western Michigan FS 70
Jordan George Akron SS 81
Bryce Cosby Ball State SS 78
Fred Garth Bowling Green SS 77
Jeremiah Dadeboe Buffalo SS 70
Gage Kreski Central Michigan SS 67
Vince Calhoun Eastern Michigan SS 82
Juantez McRae Kent State SS 73
Matt Marimee Miami (OH) SS 70
Mykelti Williams Northern Illinois SS 74
Javon Hagan Ohio SS 85
DeDarallo Blue Toledo SS 77
Justin Tranquill Western Michigan SS 82
Tom O'Leary Akron K 81
Morgan Hagee Ball State K 79
Nate Needham Bowling Green K 72
Adam Mitcheson Buffalo K 75
Michael Armstrong Central Michigan K 73
Paulie Fricano Eastern Michigan K 81
Samuel Sloman Miami (OH) K 70
Louie Zervos Ohio K 76
Jameson Vest Toledo K 85
Nick Gasser Akron P 80
Nathan Snyder Ball State P 70
Cooper Lee Bowling Green P 75
Evan Finegan Buffalo P 70
Jack Sheldon Central Michigan P 78
Ivan Oraha Eastern Michigan P 75
Derek Adams Kent State P 73
Kyle Kramer Miami (OH) P 73
Matt Ference Northern Illinois P 66
Michael Farkas Ohio P 76
Bailey Flint Toledo P 74
If applicable, each team’s QB, RB, 2 WRs, TE, 2 DEs, DT, MLB, 2 OLBs, 2 CBs, FS, SS, K, and P are listed. Steve Helwick