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The MAC Needs to be more fun!

Like our cousins in the Funbelt!

GoDaddy Bowl - Toledo v Arkansas State Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images

I’ve stated before that there is a natural rivalry with the Sunbelt conference. We have lot of similarities, and we play each other in bowls games quite a lot. There is also the North South thing. However, most great rivalries have a bit of kindred spirit to them. Compete with each other relentlessly, but stand against outsiders with the tenacity. We are both the little guys struggling on the national scene, though the Funbelt is a bit more of an up and comer. Their attitude reflects this with their latest announcement.

A championship belt, that’s fun! I think the MAC needs more fun. Sure, it’s kinda fun to attack anyone that dares say MAC conference is redundant, but a championship belt would be kind of nice, too.

I have been toying with an idea for a year or two now, and now is the perfect time to let you in on Hustle Belt’s newest, greatest feature! (Disclaimer, if you legit get pissed when someone says “MAC conference” and can’t joke about football, stop reading).

Sunday Night MACTION!

As a way to promote this conference we all love, and to make it easier for me to recap all the games at once, I came up with an idea that will appeal to non-football fans and some football fans alike. A parody of the MAC teams in a professional wrestling setting. Of course I am not going to parody 20 year old college kids, but I have no problem making all of the coaches their own persona, professional wrestling style.

I haven’t come up with all the personas, but I’ll tease a few, both heal and face.

On the heel side, I have “Terrible” Terry Bowden. He likes to walk in his dad’s shadow. His favorite line is, “My dad says I am the best coach in the MAC conference.” Terry isn’t the best coach in the world, but he has the help of his dad’s favorite hitman, Chuck “the Assassin” Amato. Sure he is retired...

On the face side, we have Mike Jinks. Mike Jinks likes to talk in the third person. It was rough growing up for Mike Jinks, but it made him a better man. In the third grade, Mike Jinks stopped going out for recess. In Mike Jink’s own words, “MIKE JINKS DON’T PLAY”.

Then on the fence, you have Jason Candle “In the Wind”. He is a mild mannered guy that football is more of a hobby for him. His favorite pastime is watching Bob Ross on PBS. He writes poetry. He also throat stomps your favorite team by 50. We really don’t know what is cooking below the surface.

There are plenty more characters, like Lance “The Aristocrat” Leipold.

Monday thru Saturday this season, we’ll still bring you the coverage you have come to know and love. We’ll even bring you your normal Sunday slate. However, Sunday night, get ready for some Sunday Funday Action. “BY GAWD HE IS BROKEN IN HALF!”