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Time to open up the HustleBag

Week one dawns and it’s time to get some As to your Qs

I don’t know if you’re aware or not, but FOOTBALL IS BACK IN A MEANINGFUL WAY!!! YOU GUYS, YOU GUYS, YOU GUYS... IT’S HAPPENING! There was an appetizer this weekend, but the real smorgasbord of pigskin is this week. We’ve waited long enough through this long cold offseason. It’s time to get it on.

As it’s the dawn of a new season it’s also the dawn of a new mailbag season! Where your favorite MAC experts offer perspective on anything and everything. Need to know who to lay a futures wager on for the MAC Championship? Wondering if the MAC is going to have a break out star this season? Want to know who we think will be the next “it guy” coach to jump to a P5 opportunity? We have all those covered and more.

The HustleBag will run on Fridays through the season. You can communicate with us via email at or via Twitter @HustleBelt (slide on in those DMs if you don’t want to be public). Get your questions and LET’S GET READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL MY BEAUTIFUL BABIES!