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#MACku: Week 2 of the 2018 season

Ten recaps, seventeen syllables, loads of analysis.

Created by James H. Jimenez | Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Welcome back to your favroite meditative way of reading up on news from the last week of the MAC football season.

In case you’re new around here, MACku recaps all the games played over the period of a week involving MAC schools and recaps them in haiku form, using the traditional five syllable-seven-syllable, five-syllable poetic style to try and capture the feel of a particualr game.

If you missed the first entry of MACku this year, here’s a link to last week’s edition.

Central Michigan vs. Kansas

They waved the wheat

In the heart of Michigan

With sinister chill.

Buffalo at Temple

Burned Bridge Rivalry

Old eastern foes did battle.

The Bulls strutted out.

Western Michigan at Michigan

Big houses astonish.

Make the biggest feel so small.

The Broncs, miniscule.

Eastern Michigan at Purdue

The train never stopped.

For the Eagles, no problem.

The wet, flown flag waves.

Akron vs. Morgan State

The devil’s playthings,

Idle hands can be for most.

Akron made them work.

Kent State vs. Howard

Blinded by the light,

lo, the Bison herd faltered,

Stopped by harnessed glow.

Bowling Green at Maryland

Never expend too quick.

Short-gained glory yields folly,

Unyielding and crude.

NIU vs. Utah

Huskies limp forward,

the road behind lined in blood,

the road ahead in salt.

Miami vs. Cincinnatti

Once again, failure.

The stench familiar, concise.

The sting of which binds.