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Hustle Belt’s Ken Talks to Bull Run’s Tim

A Conversation About Buffalo Bulls

A Buffalo by another name.
Kenneth Bailey

Ken asked the following questions of Tim Riordan of Bull Run. They cover the Buffalo Bulls

1. Buffalo’s coach is in his 4th season, he has less than a 500 record at Buffalo, do you see him progressing?

Tim - If you break it down by year, only year two of his tenure was a dumpster fire. UB was 5-6 in his first year, and 6-6 last year, I think he and his staff have progressed but it’s entirely possible that the better records were seeing are a result of a few really talented players, time will tell.

2. How do you think Eastern’s passing attack will fare against Buffalo’s secondary? It looks like Buffalo’s been pretty stingy this year.

Tim - I’m still not sold on UB’s secondary, the reason they come across as stingy is because everyone is focused on running against us. We’ve played an FCS foe and a Temple team that decided they want to play a three QB committee offense. I think EMU will be a good measuring stick.

3. How does Buffalo fare against a very aggressive defense?

Tim - The Bulls do well against aggressive defenses. They have a solid running game, a QB who can move around to let the play develop, and a receiver likely to get drafted in the first round of this years NFL draft. They also have a very experienced line in front.

4. Your prediction for the game.

Tim - I really can’t get a read on either team after two weeks. I think EMU beating Purdue will help keep UB from overlooking the Eagles and a focused Bulls team manages to defend at home, 27-21.

Thank you Tim for your time.