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Impressions of the first half of the Toledo and Miami game

Mostly good news, in spite of the score.

Andrew Weber/Getty Images

The game started with Toledo getting the ball and managing one nice play. Mitchell Guadagni completed a 21 pass to Shakif Seymour. The drive then stalled and Miami marched down the field. After that the Rockets settled down.

Miami was able to keep the Rockets offense at bay and eventually built a 21-0 lead. The Toledo offense showed life at the end of the second quarter. A deflected pass in the end zone was then caught by Diontae Johnson, pulling the Rockets within 14.

Overall, the Rockets have shown an ability to run with the Hurricanes. The junior Guadagni has shown the stage isn't too big, and the oline has gotten some push. Defensively the Rockets have been impressive, save for a couple of plays. They looked tired at the end of the half, because the offense struggled to keep them off the field.

The Hurricanes have been leaving their corners on an island, especially with Cody Thompson. The Rockets have shown an ability to run the football. There will be plenty of chances for the Rockets offense.

This game is far from over. The Rockets were outgained 206 to 171. The Rockets threw for 107 to 77.