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Buffalo Downs Eastern Michigan - 35 to 28

A huge game early in the east race

A Buffalo running back running roughshod over the Eagles (this picture is from their previous meeting though)
Kenneth Bailey

When the clock struck zero in the first quarter, the Eagles found themselves down by two touchdowns. Eastern Michigan managed to cut that deficit in half at the end of the first half but they couldn’t quite get in gear to overcome it.

The Eagles starting quarterback Tyler Wiegers (8 for 11 for 64 yards) found himself getting pulled in the second quarter for Mike Glass (17 for 27 for 284 yards and two touchdowns). If you take out the 69 rushing yards by Mike Glass, Eastern Michigan still had rushing woes with Shaq Vann running for 30 yards and Ian Eriksen running for 24.

The Bulls quarterback Tyree Jackson went 21 for 26 for 325 yards and three touchdowns. Buffalo’s running back Kevin Marks was able to punch it in for two touchdowns.

Buffalo started the scoring early when Kevin Marks capped an 80 yard drive with a one yard run. Buffalo struck blood again in the first quarter after a Tyree Jackson pass to K.J. Osborn. It wasn’t until there were almost five minutes left in the second quarter when Mike Glass completed a 76 yard pass to Arthur Jackson for the Eagles’ first score. The smaller Buffalo lead was short lived, when Tyree Jackson connected wtih K.J. Osborn again to maintain the 14 point lead. Eastern Michigan would cut that lead in half, after Mike Glass connected with Blake Banham on a 75 yard pass. Buffalo would extend the lead to 14 again after a Kevin Marks touchdown run.

Eastern Michigan would go into the locker room down by seven after Shaq Vann scored with no time remaining in the half. Neither team would score in the first half. At three minutes into the fourth quarter, the Bulls would regain the 14 point lead after Tyree Jackson connected with K.J. Osborn for the third time. Eastern Michigan would make a valiant effort after shooting themselves in the foot a couple times. Mike Glass capped an 89 yard drive with a one yard run to bring the score within seven again. However, that was not enough as Buffalo had the 35 to 28 point lead when the clock struck zero.

Both teams lost the ball twice to fumbles. There were no interceptions. The Buffalo defense found the Eastern Michigan quarter back 6 times. Penalties would prove costly to the Eagles as they caused the refs to throw their laundry 11 times. One of the more costly penalties was an Eastern Michigan personal foul that kept a Buffalo drive alive in the fourth quarter. Eastern needed the time.

Eastern Michigan falls to 2 and 1. Buffalo remains undefeated at 3-0. Eastern Michigan travels to San Diego to face San Diego State and Buffalo will be hosted by Rutgers.