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Danny Kanell’s Poll is Better than the AP

At least for my argument.

Allstate Party At The Playoff Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images for ESPN

As I was perusing my twitter feed, I saw this little gem from former Florida State signal caller Danny Kanell.

We are going to ignore the top 7 for now (though I love WVU at 6), and focus on the University of Central Florida coming in at number 8 four games into their season. As we all know, the Knights are defending National Champions. However, I did not realize a P5 pundit could so quickly have a G5 in their poll.

Being number 8 this early virtually guarantees that if UCF stays unbeaten, they will climb into the coveted 4 in this poll. That means Danny is on the hook to advocate that the Knights make the College Football Playoff, as long as Central Florida takes care of business.

Why do we care about this at Hustle Belt?

Because maybe a few years from now it’s Northern Illinois or Toledo coming off an undefeated season. And maybe there is enough of a fracture of the Power Conference hold that we can see a fissure were we can make arguments that “our” team belongs in the playoffs. Certainly we would like fans of AAC sticking up for us, so we need to stick up for the AAC.

Of course if their leadership keeps proclaiming them the “sixth” power conference, then maybe there will come a time to throw them straight under the bus. I don’t believe we have come to that point, yet.