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#MAC-ku: Week 1 of the 2018 season

The internet’s only college football poetry recap is back and better than ever! (Debatably.)

Created by James H. Jimenez | Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Welcome back, college football. (Thank goodness.)

The long offseason has finally come to an end and now, it’s time to turn on some soothing music, burn the incense, and create some zen in our lives by reading some haiku about the MAC!

Yes, that’s right: a weekly recap of the MAC football season in haiku form. After all, the 5-7-5 syllable form can produce a few punchlines and also a few truths... and maybe, they’ll even make you think. But I hope you laugh more often.

In case you’re unfamiliar with this creative segment, here’s how it looked this time last year.

Without further ado... season two of #MAC-ku.

Ball State vs. Central Connecticut State

Forty-two to six.

Not much to reflect upon.

Red better than blue.

Western Michigan vs. Syracuse

Peril and brimstone

Fell upon the Broncs, but lo:

A dash of hope, gone.

Ohio vs. Howard

The Bison stamped o’er

the Athens grass, ‘Cats be damned.

But ‘Cats: they’ve nine lives.

Central Michigan vs. Kentucky

Chippewas caused doubt

In many a Wildcat’s heart.

Doubt was erased, quick.

Miami vs. Marshall

Rivalry reborn.

A sloppy affair, always.

The Herd ruled the day.

Buffalo vs. Delaware State

Hornets like to sting.

Buffalo came prepared, though.

They brought out the spray.

Toledo vs. VMI

The Rockets flew high,

Defying physics with ease.

A rough test is ahead.

Kent State vs. Illinois

The Flash, dimmed of late.

Came roaring back, a bright flame.

Along with it, hope.

NIU vs. Iowa (from a fan Twitter perspective)




Bowling Green vs. #24 Oregon

Falcons and the Ducks

Fought it out in the forest

But the Duck emerged.

Eastern Michigan vs. Monmouth

A fresh new time card,

But first, a parking lot fight.

The Hawks were easy work.

Akron vs. Nebraska

(Akron haiku about Nebraska game cancelled due to lightning strikes. Akron haiku will begin the season next week vs. Morgan State.)