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Five Things Learned - Eastern Michigan at Purdue Boilermakers

Tyler Wiegers appears to be a suitable replacement for Brogan Roback
Kenneth Bailey

Eastern Michigan downed it’s second Big Ten team in two years. They also now have two wins against two Power Five teams albeit two lower tier Power Five teams. They also currently possess the best football record of the state’s Division 1A football teams. But what have we learned?

Coach Creighton
Coach Creighton
Kenneth Bailey
  1. It seems that Coach Creighton has the team on the right track.

Coach Creighton is in his fifth year at Eastern Michigan. He has one bowl visit to speak for and with a handful of plays, might have had a second bowl game to speak for. He has managed to do something with Eastern that it hasn’t done before and that is beating a Power Five team in back to back seasons. The offense appears to be throwing the ball well and the defense is humming along. I am hoping this bodes well when Eastern plays their first MAC opponent next weekend.

Ian Eriksen on a running play
Kenneth Bailey

2. The rushing game still needs some work.

Despite the victory in sloppy conditions, the Eastern Michigan running game only managed 69 yards gained. I didn’t watch the whole game, but it still seemed like they were trying to run between the tackles. I did like watching the play near the end of the game where Eastern’s line was able to push for about three yards. It seems like Eastern should be trying more off tackle stuff. When the weather gets nastier, they are going to need a decent running game.

Much like this Cadillac of the Skies, Eastern’s aerial attack is a beauty.
Kenneth Bailey

3. Eastern Michigan’s aerial attack is picking up where it left off.

Eastern Michigan gained 347 yards in the air. They were able to get 15.8 yards per pass completed. That’s not too shabby. Tyler Wiegers was 20 for 28 with 312 of those yards. He did throw a pick but he also got a touchdown. Mike Glass was 2 for 5 with 35 yards. I think Eastern Michigan should stick to one quarterback but that’s just my opinion.

The Defense in the spring game
Kenneth Bailey

4. Eastern Michigan’s defense held when it counted.

Despite allowing Purdue to gain 341 yards on the ground, they held the Purdue passing attack to 135 yards and were able to record a sack. They were able to hold Purdue to 19 points. Again, I hope this bodes well for the future.

I can’t get enough of this pirate theme.
Kenneth Bailey

5. Eastern Michigan is almost ready for prime time.

This represents Eastern Michigan’s second victory against a Power Five team. Last year, they were almost able to add a third team to that list. Granted, both of these victories were against lower tier Power Five teams, but you have to start somewhere and they are something that can be built on. I’m more interested in how they do in the MAC but things are still looking up for Eastern Michigan.