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Buffalo Bulls at Eastern Michigan Mens Basketball

Eastern Michigan hung for half of a half

Swoop getting excited before the game.
Kenneth Bailey

I’m not sure the exact moment the wheels came off the Eagles’ bus. It could have been when James Thompson missed a dunk or it could have the two missed three pointers by Eastern that followed that. Or it could have been when Montell McCrae sank a three pointer for Buffalo after that series. Prior to that, Eastern Michigan was actually ahead. After that point, Buffalo never really looked back. By the time the halftime buzzer sounded, Buffalo would find itself with a pretty comfortable 10 point lead.

In the second half, the Bulls pushed the throttle forward and kicked in the afterburners. That proved too much for the Eagles and the Eagles would end up falling 74-58. The leading scorer for the Bulls was Montell McCrae with 18 points. The Eagles would be lead by Elijah Minnie with 21 points. The Bulls would find themselves shooting 50% from the field and 29.2% from three point land. The Eagles were a woeful 33% from the field and 26.9% from the three point stripe. The numbers get worse when their 47.4% from the charity stripe is mentioned.

With that game, the Bulls improve to 13 and 1 overall and 1-0 in the MAC. The Eagles fall to 6-8 overall and 0-1 in the MAC. The Bulls host the Rockets on Tuesday. The Eagles travel to Muncie, Indiana where they face the Ball State Cardinals on Tuesday.

And here are some pictures from the game tonight.