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Buffalo Bulls Might Still Be the Team to Beat in Men’s Shootyhoops This Season

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

Buffalo v Texas Tech Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The college basketball season is still a little ways off from starting, and this whole transfer thing has turned the already sketchy preseason prediction stuff into pure chaos. You can take everything I am about to write with a grain of salt.

Buffalo is still Buffalo.

The Bulls lost coach Nate Oats to presumably greener pastures, along with the core of their roster. Having not done much research on the new squad, I was under the assumption it would be someone else’s turn this year. I just couldn’t really wrap my head around losing so much talent, plus the coach, and a reload.

Then I watched the Buffalo Bulls exhibition game against Daemen, thanks to facebook. Not thanks to youtube, which was supposed to be the streamer of choice. That kind of sums up exactly what I saw on the court.

This Bulls team is Buffalo circa 2017ish. They lika to chucka the threes. Even the best three point shooter has off days. No one has ever won a championship relying just on the three ball. Buffalo can lose interest on the defensive end at times. However, the talent is there. If they develop a little more finesse on the offensive end, and more consistency on the defense end, this team can not only contend for a MAC Championship, but make a little noise in the NCAA Tournament.

At least that is my humble opinion after one exhibition game.