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In Pictures: Buffalo Bulls at Eastern Michigan Eagles

It was cold and miserable... and then there was the weather.

I’m not sure if this was the point that the wheels came off the Eastern Michigan bus, but it was pretty close.
Kenneth Bailey

Depending on which weather site you went to, it was supposed to be cold, rainy and maybe even some snow. Another website said it was going to be cold and the nasty weather would hold off until after the game.

For me as an Eastern Michigan fan/alumnus/writer there were not many bright spots in the game, weather or no. The flyover of the A-10s was pretty nice and the 80 yard pass to Mathew Sexton was pretty nice but after that, there wasn’t much to write about.

I am not sure when the wheels fell off the bus. It was either when Mike Glass III got pegged for a safety or when the Buffalo Bulls quarterback did a pretty nice fake on a fourth and short. The safety occurred after Eastern Michigan kept the Bulls out of the endzone on a very short fourth and goal.

Eastern Michigan had to start the drive in their endzone and I think I’ve written about the run game to tell you what happened there. The fake was on a bootleg play. Eastern Michigan expected a run up the middle for a short first down. Kyle Vantrease had other ideas as he swept behind the pile and waltzed into the endzone.

It wasn’t until the end of the fourth quarter that Eastern Michigan would put themselves on the board again. At that time, it didn’t matter as that made it 43-14. Anyway, pictures.