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Why you should attend the Battle of the Bricks this season

This game has just about everything you could want.

Ohio v Miami (OH) Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

#MACtion starts this week which, in itself, is always a good reason to hit the stadium for game action under the lights.

But so much is going on Wednesday, November 6 at 8 PM when Miami (4-4, 3-1 MAC) travels to Peden Stadium to take on Ohio (4-4, 3-1 MAC) that it’s hard to imagine not being there.

Here are my top six reasons, in no particular order, for heading to Peden to be a part of this game.

6. One of the last chances to see some great players play football live:

With only four games remaining, this will be one of the last chances to see great seniors from both programs play college football. Three of our Top Ten MAC Players of 2019 will be featured including QB Nathan Rourke (#1), DL Doug Costin (#6), and S Javon Hagan (#7).

Some other notable senior players and potential pro-prospects include K Louie Zervos, DB Zedrick Raymond (Senior Bowl Watch List), P Michael Farkas, and LT Austen Pleasants.

5. History, Part One—November 6, 2019 is the 150th anniversary of college football:

The first game in college football history was played on November 6, 1869, when Rutgers beat Princeton 6-4.

The MAC will be in the national spotlight as Miami vs Ohio is the only game being played on the 150th anniversary of college football, and in primetime to boot. What better way to celebrate college football than being at the only game being played on the 150th anniversary?

Also, a full stadium will reflect positively on MAC football with the nation watching. According to Ohio’s website, a sellout would be the ‘first ever sellout of a MAC mid-week game.’

4. Rivalry game, ‘The Battle of The Bricks:’

The RedHawks and Bobcats are rivals and rivalry games are some of the best to see live. One thing that I like about live college football is the sense I get of the level of (legal) physicality and passion of the players, which I can’t appreciate nearly as much on TV. And the sense I get of the physicality and passion of the players is never more evident than during a rivalry game. Both teams want this game badly and pads will be popping.

3. History, Part Two-- Ohio’s chance for a historic night:

The MAC has been around since 1946 and if Ohio defeats Miami, head coach Frank Solich will have the most wins of any MAC head coach with 111. What better way to celebrate college and MAC football than to be there on the night when the all-time record for most wins as a MAC head coach could be broken?

2. Get a chance for tuition for Ohio students:

Ohio Bobcats are giving away free tuition for Spring 2020 semester for one enrolled student in attendance at the game. That’s a pretty good reason to go, right?

1. Huge Implications in the MAC East Race:

At some point in sports history, someone thought it would be a good idea to explain a game’s importance by saying the outcome was for some part “of the marbles,” usually “all of the marbles.”

While this Miami vs Ohio game will not be for “all of the marbles,” it will be for a very large portion of the marbles when it comes to the MAC East race. Both Ohio and Miami are alone tied for 1st place in the MAC and a win would, due to the tiebreaker, effectively give the winner a two-game lead over the loser and MAC East contender Buffalo Bulls with three games to go. And of those three games to go, Ohio and Miami both play the Akron Zips and Bowling Green Falcons, who currently are a combined 3-16 on the season. Suffice it to say, the winner will be a strong favorite to win at least two of its remaining three games.