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Eastern Michigan Defeats Northern Illinois - 57-49

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Eastern Michigan defeat the Huskies.

Coach Murphy setting up a play during one of the timeouts.
Kenneth Bailey

It was a pretty nice day, so I was listening to the first half on WEMU as I headed back to Ypsilanti from Detroit. It sounds like the first half was quite a bit of back and forth between the teams. I decided to step in for the second half and I wasn’t disappointed.

Eastern Michigan was able to establish themselves from the moment I started watching. I think the Huskies were able to tie the game at one point only to have Easter Michigan pull away again. When the final buzzer sounded, the Eagles would emerge victorious by a score of 57 to 49.

Eastern Michigan was led in scoring by Paul Jackson with 23 points. Both Boubacar Toure and James Thompson IV had 10 rebounds. If the first half was a turnover fest for the Eagles, the second half was the opposite. Eastern Michigan would end the game with 43.2 percent from the field and 27.3 percent from three point land. They were only 52% from the charity stripe but that wasn’t as important in this game.

The Huskies leading scorer was Dante Thorpe with 13 points. They were minus the services of Eugene German. He might have made a difference. Overall, they were 34.7% from the field and only 7.7% from downtown. They were a decent 70% from the free throw line.

The Huskies (12-12 and 5-6 in the MAC) continue their tour of I-94 when they head west to Kalamazoo in order to face Western Michigan. The Eagles (10-13 and 4-6 in the MAC) travel down I-75 (and a bunch of back roads) to Athens, Ohio where they will face the Bobcats of Ohio.

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